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After work drinks with the buddies? Relax, we got you

Tuesday 22 August, 2023

Unwinding after a busy day is an art form that requires the perfect blend of relaxation, camaraderie, and delicious indulgence. We understand the importance of this ritual and have curated a unique selection of drinks and meals to make your afterwork rendezvous truly exceptional.

1. Opens at 5pm for dinner service, Little Jean Cafe has a lot to offer for the after-work crowd. The casual dining spot’s menu boasts flavours that are so
delectable, it will keep you coming back. While Little Jean is widely known for their breakfast dishes, how about you head on over to indulge in a plate of
their famed King Prawn Risotto paired with a glass of fine wine after work today? Chefs’ (and our) recommendation.

2. Feeling adventurous after that stressful day in the office? Send yourself on a journey of exquisite flavours and contemporary Asian dining at China Diner,
paired with a gorgeous decor inspired by 1930s Shanghai. Come on over for a selection of wine, cocktails and beers as you tuck yourself into some
mouthwatering dim sum or even some stir-fried noodles. The drinks menu is designed to complement your culinary experience and that sounds like the
perfect afterwork activity.

3. Having some friends over for after work drinks instead? Don’t worry we got you. Dan Murphy’s at Kiaora Place is not only strategically located but the store
offers special promotions and discounts to make that unwinding session with your buddies more fun for less. To truly enjoy your afterwork experience,
consider pairing your drinks with a delectable, easy to eat meal like sushi. Sushi Maru at Kiaora Place offers a wide selection of delicious sushi, maki and
sashimi that your friends and you will appreciate after a few cold ones together.