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Embrace Plant-Based Delights on World Plant Milk Day

Tuesday 22 August, 2023

Did you know that plant-based milks have existed since 5,000 years ago? Austronesians from Madagascar, Maritime Southeast Asia and Oceanic Island regions have practised mixing grated coconut flesh and mixing it with hot water to produce milk. That’s right, this is not a brand new phenomenon that popped up out of nowhere. In the 1st and 3rd centuries, the ancient Chinese used to soak, grind, boil and filter soybeans, making soy milk that people believed was easier to digest than cow’s milk. It is gentle to the digestive system with multiple health benefits so it is no surprise why many are turning to plant-based milk from dairy and these are five compelling reasons you should too:

1. In an era where climate and environmental awareness is increasing, many are choosing to make personal shifts towards more sustainable and health-conscious choices by picking plant-based milks over dairy. We ought to remember that the dairy industry is associated with a significant environmental footprint left behind. Plant-based milk, however, requires fewer resources to produce, therefore resulting in a lower carbon footprint and reducing strain on the environment.

2. Are you lactose intolerant? You would know and probably already consume plant-based milks, but did you know that milks derived from plants can also aid digestive health? Soy, almond or oat milk provides a lactose-free alternative that is much gentler on the stomach, making it easier to digest and suitable for those with sensitivities.

3. Contrary to popular belief, plant-based milks are actually rich in essential nutrients, from vitamin D, minerals, calcium and B vitamins - plant-based milk is packed with the good stuff. It also contains healthy fats for the heart like omega-3 fatty acids and contains lower levels of saturated fats compared to dairy.

4. Dairy allergies are a common condition, particularly among children so this is where plant-based milks come to save the day. They offer a safer alternative for those looking to avoid potential allergens.

5. Beyond the environmental and health benefits, consuming plant-based alternatives also draws in the ethical aspect which shouldn’t be overlooked. The dairy industry has faced backlash for its treatment of animals and practices related to the production of milk, so by opting for plant-based milk, you can make the conscious choice to support more humane and ethical practices.

Fascinated? You can take steps to make those ethical changes to your dietary habits now and come on over to Woolworths at Kiaora Place where you can find a large selection of plant-based milks. You get a variety of almond, coconut, rice, and oat milks that you can use for your coffee and even in some dishes. You could even try them all and then decide your favourite.

Want something for on-the-go instead? Pop on by Cali Press at Kiaora Place to try out their “Superfood Matcha”. A blend of soy milk, matcha powder, Maca and Maple Syrup is sure to send you to flavourtown. Other selections of coffees are available too.