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Glitz & Glam: Beat the winter blues with fresh style

Monday 10 July, 2023

The cold weather does nothing but dampen the mood but when you are decked with jewellery fit for a queen, you could take on the day and be unstoppable.

Zjoosh at Kiaora Place offers an extensive range of jewellery including classic vintage looks that is gorgeous yet subtle enough for you to use daily. No matter the occasion, Zjoosh has a pair specially for you. Pick a statement piece or even some sparkly crystal or stick to the classics with pearls to bring some glitz and glamour into your life.

Let those wrists sparkle with stackable bracelets and cuffs - mix and match these fabulous pieces to create a look that is unapologetically you. Complete your look with a selection of beautiful necklaces from Zjoosh that are easily styled with other jewellery or even go bold and turn heads with a couple of statement pieces that will make people go ‘Wow’.

Don’t be shy because stacking necklaces is in style so grab two or even three pieces that you could stack.

Here’s a little tip - you could twist long necklaces into layers that give you the illusion of stacking but with one necklace. How great is that? Our personal favourite? The Zjoosh By Sybella collection will give you that Parisian chic vibe with a selection of classic French hook earrings and vintage necklaces.

Let’s up the ante of the entire look with a fresh new haircut at The Salon Double Bay to show off those gorgeous pairs of earrings and necklace.

What’s in trend? Ask for the ‘Butterfly’ haircut that is currently the talk of the town. Looking a lot like a big ala Farah Fawcett 80s blowout, the haircut features wispy layers that frame the face and light layers around the crown and the back to give an illusion of movement that suits any face shape and length.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your sign to book an appointment with The Salon Double Bay and right after, schedule in that retail therapy session in Zjoosh because gorgeous, gorgeous girls deserve only the best at Kiaora Place.