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Feb 2023 Article 2

Nailed it - keep your nails looking sharp

Wednesday 01 February, 2023

A set of well-groomed nails is the dream - some like them buffed, some like a little French tip and some like them long and bedazzled ala Cardi B. Perfect healthy nails can be achieved with the help of a professional manicure, but did you know that your diet could help you keep those nails in the pink of condition?

Nails that are peeling or even splitting could be a sign of a dryness, or a vitamin deficiency and we’ve got news for you – you could actually eat your way to gorgeous nails. Woolworths range of produce including fruits and vegetables can fill up your heart with the sweetness and the goodness your nails will thank you for. Eggs, red meat, salmon, spinach, avocado and broccoli are rich in biotin, keratin, and omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen those nails (and hair too). Grab some citrus fruits for that extra boost of vitamin B12 too and don’t forget to amp up your magnesium intake via whole wheat, quinoa beans, nuts and seeds which will help your body synthesize the protein your body needs for nail growth.

Don’t want to cook? Well, I’ve got news for you. You could stop by Cali Press for a hearty meal loaded with all the nutrition your nails need and get a super juice to go - perfect for your next nail appointment by the bay at Le Nails Day Spa and Beauty. Expert technicians can help you shape, buff, and cut those nails with their range of manicure and pedicure while you sit back and relax with a juice in hand. You nailed the good life right there.