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New Year's resolutions you'll actually keep

Monday 09 January, 2023

New year, new me resolutions are great but aiming for a holistic transformation – inside and out – is much harder, especially with a busy schedule. After years of trying to shed numbers on the scale - how about switching up your palette with delicious healthy meals that are kind on your waistline and pockets. Head on over to Good Foodz to beat that sugar craving because snacking on dried fruits and granola with yoghurt for breakfast (or at midnight) can help you shape up a better you in 2023.

Are you always in a rush or even clueless about where to start on your new diet journey? Fret not, swing by Cali Press for their ranges of smoothies and juice cleanses that is sure to help you achieve that weight loss goal, boosting your new year glow by eliminating build-up of harmful toxins from the midnight bubblies. Flush and detoxify your body and you are sure to make your friends green with envy with rejuvenated hair, skin and nails. No one would know you got a year older!

As the saying goes, with health comes wealth. EQ Wealth is here to help you shape up your finances - especially helping women to make strategic decisions about money. Programs designed by women for women may even kickstart an idea or two for new business ventures in 2023. Healthy body, healthy mind with financial freedom is definitely the in-thing all year long.