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Mar Article 2

From the paddock to your plate

Wednesday 01 March, 2023

Being sustainable in all aspects of life is important in this day and time. The climate crisis and the environmental impacts of human consumption is taking a toll on planet Earth everyday and practising sustainable eating is one way to ensure you are making the right choices for a better future.

Paddock to plate is all about ensuring every step of your food product – from the ground or hoof or ocean – to your dining table is carefully observed and monitored. This is a way to ensure your consumption of food items are processed sustainably while making sure it is kept as fresh and unprocessed as possible. Eating unprocessed food is not only healthy but also great to reconnect with local food producers and give back to the environment. Eating foods that are locally produced is fresh, sustainable and it cuts out the gunk processed food is filled with. Chemicals like food flavourings and colouring are removed from your diet and artificial ingredients are now in the past.

1888 Certified provides you with the best ingredients be it from the farm or the ocean. Their range of steaks, burger patties, lamb cuts, pork chops, chicken fillets or even veal are sourced sustainably from farm to table. Dubbed the “Best Boutique Butcher in Australia” by Australian Traveller Magazine in 2017, 1888 Certified strives for excellence with their clearly labelled Australian grading standards and is the healthier choice for you.

Now that you’ve sorted out your finest cuts of meat, fill up your pantry with their range of produce like artisanal cured Smoked Salmon or Mussels in Pickled sauce and do not forget to pick up a range of wonderful jams and spices like harissa paste for not only the flavours but also a better environment for the future