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Keeping up appearances. What does a self-care plan look like?

Tuesday 01 March, 2022

Keeping up appearances. What does a “self-care” plan look like?

Committing regular time for self-care has more than just the obvious benefits

Over the last year, self-care plummeted to the bottom of our to-do list while at the same time being recognised as more important than ever for our overall well being.

Our lives were dominated by lockdowns and social distancing. We were reluctant to leave our homes for anything more than grocery shopping.

As a result, we put off non-crucial medical, dental and physio appointments. Haircuts and beauty treatments were either impossible or impractical.

To make matters worse, comfort eating and a cycle of constant snacking led us to add unsightly and unhealthy “Covid-kilos”. Our inability to get to the gym only compounded the problem.

Getting serious about self-care

With most restrictions now being relaxed it’s time to get serious about (regular) self-care.

And because we’re so completely out of the habit, it’s more important than ever to tackle it with a well-thought out plan.

Here's how to shake off the Covid blues and put your wellbeing first with a comprehensive self-care plan:

Check in for a mind/body tune-up

If you’ve put off having essential health checks, and particularly if anxiety is getting the better of you, consider making your GP your first port of call. A thorough health assessment will get you on track to feeling and functioning at your best.

Don’t forget a visit to the dentist for a check up, for whitening and brightening and to fix any pesky tooth-related issues that may have cropped up.

Give your skin and hair some special care

A routine that consists of cleansing, moisturising, and sun protection is a no-brainer for your skin.

But what about when you want to tackle a specific problem like acne or anti-ageing? With the mind-boggling array of products on the market nowadays, this is where a professional can come in to help bridge the knowledge gap.

As for your hair, the mood-boosting benefits of a killer cut or luxurious blow-out are hard to beat. You've probably made that first salon visit to tame your "lockdown locks” and now it's time to schedule regular appointments to keep your hair looking great.

And don’t forget regular mani/pedis. They’re not only good grooming but also a great opportunity to get together with your mum, daughter or bestie for a bit of pampering time together.

Make time for healthy food and exercise

Skip the processed and packaged treats and get acquainted with the fresh food aisles in your local supermarket. Cooking healthily shouldn’t be overwhelming with so many simple ideas for fresh and delicious meals at your fingertips.

If you’ve been sedentary for a while, regular walks or gentle workouts may be the way to go. Or maybe you’ve kept up the basics and need help with getting back to a more intensive exercise regime?

Getting focused help with weight management is also an option.

H3: Develop a routine for rest, relaxation and sleep

Avoiding negative media and limiting screen time are more important than ever to calm an anxious mind.

Consider mindfulness apps, meditation or an after dinner walk to wind down from your busy day and prepare for a restful sleep.

Make friends and family a priority

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how incredibly important regular contact with family and friends is to our wellbeing. Calling, catching up for a coffee or meal, or getting together for a stroll or a surf are top ways to stay connected.

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