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International Food

Take your tastebuds on a trip

Tuesday 01 March, 2022

Take your taste buds on a trip

We've gathered some internationally inspired dine-in and make-at-home food ideas to give you a taste for travel

International borders are opening and travel restrictions are easing – you can almost hear the chorus of cheers. That said, most Aussies will be playing it safe in the short term and are unlikely to be swapping plane travel to exotic locations for a weekend up the coast anytime soon.

Meanwhile, a great way to satisfy your wanderlust is by taking your taste buds on a trip.

Sydney’s amazing choice of international cuisine and diverse produce means that the world’s most delectable dishes are totally within your grasp (and only just beyond your doorstep).

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Little Italy

A pasta-making session could be just the ticket for a lazy weekend afternoon. Channel your inner Nonna and explore the regions of Italy while whipping up a batch of spinach and ricotta cannelloni or ravioli with prawn.

Not in the mood to cook your own capellini or faff around with farfalle? Drop into Little Jean at Kiaora Place and have it all done for you with a bowl of mouth-watering fettuccine with prawns, lobster butter, chilli, rocket and pangritata. Over at White Rabbit, the creamy, pesto-topped penne burrata is equally divine.

French fancy

Even if a Parisian adventure isn't on the cards right now, you can enjoy the next best thing when you head over to White Rabbit or Bake Bar for a freshly baked pastry or baguette-based delight.

Don a beret and striped t-shirt, bring your poodle along and indulge in a spot of people watching. You could almost be in the Latin Quarter!

Afterwards, make a visit to Woolworths Double Bay where you can choose from a wide range of fabulous French cheeses for a post-dinner treat or to create the perfect party platter. Pick up a red from one of France’s best regions and you have the perfect accompaniment.

Spice is nice

There’s nothing to beat a great curry. But if a trip to India, Indonesia or Malaysia isn’t imminent, it’s no biggie. You can feast on a delectable Massaman Curry right on your doorstep in Double Bay. And the eager home cook can access a heap of easy recipes online to make a delicious curry from scratch.

If you’ve always been keen to experiment with middle eastern cooking but find the list of ingredients a tad panic-inducing, Ottolenghi’s easy Braised Eggs with Leek and Za’atar could be the perfect starting point. You can source the za’atar (a traditional spice blend from Palestine) at your local supermarket.

Journey to the far east

China Diner serves the best contemporary Cantonese food and is the perfect alternative to actually dining in China!

Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with the chilli caramel pork belly. Or sample the steamed silken tofu with black vinegar, chilli and sesame seed dressing. Clever customers get a taste of it all with the banquet option.

If you have a craving for Japanese, making your own sushi is fun and easier than you think. Woolworths has everything you need but if you want your sushi “stat”, head down to Sushi Maru and jump on the train.