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The tale of how reading a book at Kiaora Place can improve your life

Monday 24 July, 2023

"Books are a uniquely portable magic", said Stephen King and who are we to disagree?

While not every story is a horror story, in January this year, Amazon Kindle revealed data that showed that 50 per cent of Australians read between one to five books in 2022.

Wait, don’t panic yet.

Things are not all bad between the pages because 44 per cent of the population said they intend to read more this year in a survey. How about you pick up a book and join in the reading pact because here are some wonderful benefits of reading to your wellbeing.

Reading a book can support your emotional and mental wellbeing. A book can be a source of emotional support, or you could even say a friend who is always on the same page. It can give inspiration when it is lost and for some, words in books can provide solace and comfort during difficult times.

Going through the pages of your books can be a wonderful stress reliever. Disconnecting from reality and disappearing into the book can provide an escape from everyday stress and who would not want to be on the beach in the Maldives in their head while lounging at home or in a cafe? We have numerous cafes and restaurants we can suggest.

Improved focus and concentration are among some of the life enhancing perks of reading a book every now and then. You train your brain to focus and concentrate as you dance through the chapter.

So where can you go to read? Come on over to Kiaora Place where the Woollahra Library is conveniently located.

The library by the Municipal Council Woollahra is open for all, and no you don’t have to sit in the library to read because special membership perks allow you to check out books to borrow. Pick a book, check out easily from the library and head on over to a cafe for a coffee or juice before you get whisked away into the adventure in your pages.

Cali Press offers healthy bowls and sandwiches while White Rabbit will nourish you with hearty all-day breakfasts and delicious coffee.

Fancy a little wine for that afternoon reading? Little Jean Cafe Restaurant is the perfect joint for you to relax and unwind with a glass, or even a bottle of wine just to yourself.

So don’t wait any longer, head on over to Kiaora Place to get started with that book you’ve been wanting to read.